Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

Contoh Kalimat Conditional "IF"

  Conditional "if" tipe 1:
  1. If Yuyun asking Abud’s number, she will call him. 
  2. If I find Nana’s address, I will write her.
  3. If you push the power button, it will be on 
  4. If I tired, I will rest.
  5. If Tiwi’s boyfriend won’t to hangout with us, neither will she. ( she will too)
  6. If water freezes, it will be solid.
  7. If I let you go, I will never see you again.
     Conditional "if" tipe 2:
  1. Tommy would come to my party, if I invited him.
  2. If the party were on Friday, I could go.
  3. If Edy didn’t drink so much coffe, he wouldn’t be insomnia. 
  4. If Desi ate fewer sweets, she would lose weight. 
  5. I would pass the exam, if I studied.
  6. If I had a car, I would drive to Bandung very often.
  7. If I were rich, I would travel around the world.
  8. I would not go to Lab, if rained today.

     Conditional "if" tipe 3:
  1. If my family had had money, we would have bought a new car.
  2. If we had saved our money, we would have gone traveling to Bali.
  3. If my uncle had enough money, he would have done on trip to Las Vegas.
  4. Mira would have punishment, if she had been delayed.
  5. If my mother hadn’t been promoted, she would have quit her job.

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